Advanced Drumming 8-wk Course (Invitation Only)

Advanced Drumming 8-wk Course (Invitation Only)
AUD $200.00
  • Duration: 49 Days
  • Location: Duffy, ACT
  • Product code: ADC_08

Class time/day: 6.00-7.25pm Thursdays

Term 3 Course dates: 5 Sep - 7 Nov 2019 (with 2-week break in middle)

This invitation-only course is designed to extend drummers in the Canberra community who have either progressed through Drum Effect’s beginner and experienced classes or studied djembe/dundun to the same level elsewhere. If you are interested in joining the class for the first time and haven't yet been invited, please contact Kate to discuss.

During the sequence of classes, Bangouraké will teach djembe accompaniments, breaks, dundun parts and djembe solo phrases for a number of traditional rhythms, taking the time to share the cultural significance of the rhythms with you. As a student of this course, you can expect to:

  • develop your musicianship
  • broaden your repertoire of traditional Guinean rhythms
  • learn rhythm arrangements for performance
  • explore less-familiar and more complex rhythms
  • develop your stamina
  • develop confidence when soloing
  • deepen your understanding of djembe culture
  • connect with other experienced players
  • move out of your comfort zone!

You are welcome to learn dundun (ballet or traditional style) during the class, noting that it is best if you can bring your own dundun. A dance class will follow immediately after the drumming class and you are encouraged to stay and drum for the dance whenever possible.

Term 3 classes:

1) Thurs 5 Sep

2) Thurs 12 Sep

3) Thus 19 Sep

4) Thurs 26 Sep

(Two-week break for ACT School Holidays)

5) Thurs 17 Oct

6) Thurs 24 Oct

7) Thurs 31 Oct

8) Thurs 7 Nov